First Post of 2018! All About Plyo-boxes!

Welcome 2018!

I just want to start this post off by saying that I hope everyone had a great holiday and New Years, I sure did. Getting to spend lots of time with my two favorite little humans, my niece and nephew was my favorite! Christmas was great and I  realized just how supportive my family is of my new healthy lifestyle! My parents added several new pieces to my mini home gym, posts on those coming soon! The gift that blew me away was the custom plyo-box that my #awesome sister made for me.

Fitter Britter Custom Plyo Box
Fitter Britter Custom Plyo Box

What is a plyo-box?

Cool, I showed you the picture of my custom plyo-box but some of you may not even know what they are. To explain what a plyo-box is I should first explain plyometrics. Plyometrics refers to jumping. In the past it was known as “jump-training”. Any workout that includes jumps or hops is considered plyometrics. Workouts involving plyometrics can help to improve performance in a variety of sports that require the use of explosive movements. Improving your strength, reaction time and overall performance makes plyometrics a good addition to any workout in my book.

Types of plyo-boxes

There are different types of plyo-boxes, while most are made out of wood, there are also steel and foam plyo-boxes. Plyo-boxes come in different sizes, most are built so that you can use 3 different heights in inches such as 24/20/16 or 30/24/20. They are built this way so you can master one height and then move up to the next. Shorter plyo-boxes can also be used for toe-taps and step-up’s. Here are some you can buy if you aren’t as handy with tools as my sister!

My First Experience With A Plyo-Box

My first Rocket Boys Cardio circuit is where I was first introduced to the plyo-box. The station with the box was to “hop-scotch” down the agility ladder and then jump onto the box. I was super intimidated by this as I’m by no means a jumper. I ended up just stepping onto the box and jumping down. I’m still actively working on my jump. I have officially jumped onto this box only twice but I hope to practice on my custom box until I can get higher.

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