My Experience with Battle Ropes

Nice to meet you Battle Rope

The first Rocket Boys Training Carido Circuit workout is where I first battled the ropes. I showed up nervous, but excited. The coaches explained the 1 minute station rotation. Go as hard as you can go for 60 seconds and then move to the next station. 60 seconds. That’s all. THAT’S ALL?! They let us pick our starting stations so naturally I saved the easiest for last. Or so I thought.
I have seen many videos of my best friend killing it with the battle ropes. She is about half my size, so I just knew I could rock it too. #negative. These baby arms of mine were flailing as fast as they could go and the rope was barely moving. As you can see from the picture below, I could not achieve those beautiful crests and troughs that happen in the fitness videos of an experienced cross-fitter. Even though my rope waves were sloppy, the next day my arms were on fire. Who knew flinging a rope up and down could be such a good workout?!

Using Battle Rope

Using Battle Rope My First time with a battle rope
The battle ropes workout was so fun and effective that I bought one to use at home. If you’re considering trying it out be mindful of the lengths. I wasn’t paying close attention when I ordered mine and ended up with a 10ft rope. The rope in the picture is 50ft and it makes a huge difference! Ten feet is not quite long enough for the “making waves” workout but I ended up using it for a modified Russian row and got a great ab workout. If you’re looking for these online there are most commonly 1.5″ and 2″ diameter ropes offered. Obviously the 2″ is going to be heavier, so adjust according to your workout plan or fitness level.

Since my first battle I have progressed by adding power slams and jump squats to last 15 seconds of the station. Working with the battle rope this way has helped strengthen both my baby arms  and my balance. I have a long way to go in building my arm muscles but the battle rope will definitely continue to be a staple in my workout.

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