Jingle Bell Trot 5k

A Few Weeks Ago

A few weeks ago I really started committing mentally to this Fitter lifestyle, so naturally I started social media stalking the local crossfit gym. There aren’t that many options in my area, so I wanted to get a feel for how they operate. I immediately felt a small sort of kinship with this gym because they were organizing and sponsoring their first 5k for charity: they’re doing something new, I’m doing something new… They called it the Jingle Bell Trot and were collecting toys for kids for the holidays. Heck yeah! Registration was capped at 100 entries, so this might give me a better feel for the people than JUST facebook stalking. I shot a link over to my sister and we signed up!
After chit chatting a bit about the race and about how we are both noob-ass runners, we decided that the key to success would be in the playlist. My sister and I get hype over the same music, and you need hype for running! Sprinkle in a little camaraderie too… we HAD to figure out how we could listen to music together. We didn’t want to tote a speaker (not everyone wants to hear the lyrical delights of Chris Breezy or Ludacris…) and I didn’t think 2 different sets of headphones would pair to the same phone. Spoiler alert: they won’t. Luckily I’m an accidental genius! I hopped on Amazon and grabbed a pair of Bluetooth headphones for each of us  and found a TINY Bluetooth splitter that would sync up our headphones! Workout buddies everywhere NEED this:  

The synchronized music hype is #squadgoals.

Day of the run

Let me just say this: I am NOT a runner, nor a morning person. So at 7:00 am when my sister woke me up, it was only our matching Llama Christmas sweaters that gave me some pep. I grabbed my sweet vintage** fanny pack for our music, and headed to the park. We got checked in, attached our jingle bells and headed to the starting line. The race was on!

My spirits were up, but It was cold! It was around 38 degrees and that frigid air got my throat. I hadn’t run more that a mile in a while, so I pretty much rode the struggle bus…AND the bus jumped off its’ route! We missed some arrows and accidentally cut off about 4 tenths of a mile, finishing at about 42:00 minutes… After realizing what we did, we ran back the correct way to get a true finish with about five more minutes added to our time.

We had a great time and ended up discovering that we are good running partners. I am a much faster runner at shorter distances, whereas my sister just trots along, slow and steady. We each push the other in different ways- I speed her up and she gets me to think about more consistency. I wish we lived closer so we could run together more often!

Post 5k

The gym posted the results shortly after the race and they ended up raising $1500+ to buy toys for the local toy chest. I’d say that it was a pretty successful first run for them, and for us! We got off the couch, donated to a good cause, learned about a neat music sharing gadget, and met some nice people. I’ll have to let you know the final verdict on joining the gym.
**Circa my mom at amusement parks in the 1990s

Jingle Bell Trot 5k

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